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Application process

To apply for a driver license, you must:

  • Submit a completed license application form.

  • Present an acceptable birth date/legal presence document.

  • Provide your true full name.

  • Provide your Social Security Number. It will be verified with the Social Security Administration.

  • Pay the application fee when you apply for any new or change of class permit or license. 

  • Pass an eye exam.

  • Have your picture taken.

  • Give a thumb print.


You must pay to:

  • (a) obtain an original license,

  • (b) renew a license,

  • (c) reinstate a license if it has been revoked or suspended,

  • (d) obtain a duplicate license,

  • (e) upgrade your license to another class or add an endorsement, and

  • (f) resubmit an application for a license if you fail three written tests or three driving tests.


Vision test

Your static visual acuity will be tested during the application process. The department uses wall charts and the Optec 1000 vision tester to screen driver license applicants for a best-corrected distance visual acuity of no worse than 20/40. You may use your glasses or corrective contact lenses to pass this test. If you do not pass the vision screening standard, you will be referred to an optometrist or ophthalmologist to have your vision further tested.

Written knowledge test

Your knowledge of traffic laws and safe driving practices will be assessed during the application process. The written knowledge test is available in more than 30 different languages and is also available on audio tape in many of these languages. However, if you take a non-English or oral test, you must also complete an additional test of your ability to recognize the meaning of common traffic signs in English.

Driving test

Over 200 items are scored on the driving test. You may only make 15 or fewer errors to pass the test. If you make a serious driving error on the driving test, you will be automatically disqualified. These errors include:

  • (a) performing an unsafe maneuver for which the examiner has to intervene,

  • (b) striking an object or curb with your vehicle,

  • (c) disobeying a traffic sign or signal,

  • (d) disobeying safety personnel or vehicles,

  • (e) performing a dangerous maneuver,

  • (f) driving too fast or too slow,

  • (g) improper use of auxiliary equipment,

  • (h) executing a lane violation.

Driver license, renewal

You are periodically (usually every 4 or 5 years) required to renew your driver license. You will have to pay a license renewal fee and may have to take a vision, written, or driving test. If you fail the written test three times or are unable to pass the visual acuity test during a license renewal, you will be required to take a behind-the-wheel driving test.

Provisional driver license*

A driver license issued to a person younger than 18 years of age is called a provisional license.

To obtain a provisional instruction permit you can be no younger than 15-1/2 years old.  In addition to other licensing requirements, provisional license applicants must complete supervised behind-the-wheel driving practice.

  • Persons with a provisional license (under 18) may not be employed to drive a motor vehicle.

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to apply for a license to drive commercial vehicles if used in interstate commerce or to transport hazardous materials.

*Legal requirements frequently change and  may vary from state to state, we recommend that the users should not rely solely on the content of this course, but should also consult the Vehicle Code.

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